Two-Step TPB (Conner & Palmiotti signed)


Two-Step TPB (Conner & Palmiotti signed)

This signed edition of Two Step TPB (Conner & Palmiotti signed)


  • Signed by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

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In an alternate London composed of theme parks, bored cam-girl Rosi Blades recognizes potential entertainment when she encounters self-declared “zen gunman” Tony Ling in hot pursuit of a dreadlocked man carrying a suggestively shaped case. Joining in the chase, she soon finds herself caught up in a madcap world of casual violence, vulgarity, and vendetta; as the Quarry gang dispatches perverse car fancier Dirty Ron to deal with the pair, Rosi and Tony face a fate worse than death. Two-Step’s comedic mayhem recalls Ellis’s Nextwave rather than his Planetary or even Transmetropolitan; his alternate London is a series of amusing backdrops rather than realized neighborhoods, Tony and Rosi are sketches, although complex compared to the one-note characters opposing them. The action is fast-paced, moving from absurdity to absurdity quickly enough to keep the reader amused. Although at best a light confection, Two-Step is an unpretentious and energetic display of Ellis, Connor, and Palmiotti’s talents.

This book comes hand signed by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti