Craig @ Parthenon - Copy (6)

Craig Weeden is PaperFilms co-founder Jimmy Palmiotti’s screenwriting partner. Their film adaptation of the graphic novel BACK TO BROOKLYN, which Jimmy created/wrote with PREACHER’s Garth Ennis, is currently in development with Lotus Entertainment. Craig and Jimmy have five scripts on TRIO Entertainment’s slate, as well as numerous screenplays with various producers. A graphic novel based on their original screenplay KILLING TIME IN AMERICA is scheduled to be published in early 2018.

On the solo front, Emmett Furla Oasis Films has Craig’s crime thriller DIAMOND PAYBACK under option. Brantlinger Entertainment has two of his hour-long TV shows under option. Craig’s dramedy thriller DEAD EXECUTIVES CLUB is being shopped.

Craig earned an MA English and MFA Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas (Woo. Pig. Sooie!) His work has been published in over 100 literary and general magazines, including The Southern Poetry Review, New Orleans Review, Cimarron Review and Tennis. He’s listed in A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers, the International Who’s Who in Poetry and at Poets & Writers. Mia’s Gift: A Muzzles the Manatee Story, a middle-grade novel Craig wrote with his wife, Victoria, won multiple awards. A collection of his poems, Yachting in Arkansas, is available from Amazon/Kindle.