PaperFilms Black Friday sale!!

PaperFilms Black Friday sale!!

Thanksgiving is upon us and we have gathered with friends and family.  We have argued, we have hugged, we have probably eaten too much food, given thanks for what we have, closed our eyes and remembered some great friends no longer with us and some will be...

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Celebrate Painkiller Jane!

Celebrate Painkiller Jane!

With all of the incredible news coming out for the film adaptation of Painkiller Jane by Jessica Chastain and Lotus Entertainment and Solipsist Films, we've compiled just a short list of announcement press releases below:...

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Jessica Chastain set to play Painkiller Jane

We've got some amazing news that we are finally able to share.  The amazing Jessica Chastain and her incredible production company are fully involved in bringing Painkiller Jane to the big screen.  Deadline has just released a great article about the collaboration:...

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The Adventures of Penelope Hawk KICKSTARTER by Justin Gray

We've got some great news folks.  PaperFilms own Justin Gray, along with the editorial genius of Joanne Starer, has launched a brand new KICKSTARTER project for his all ages novel THE ADVENTURES OF PENELOPE HAWK.  This is a fantasy fiction novel that is 300-page novel...

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Justin Gray Sunslinger Riders of the Silences giveaway

We have some exciting news to share with everyone.  Justin Gray has a new paperback available,Sunslinger: Riders of the Silences, and partnering with Amazon to for the book publishing.  In conjunction with this release, Amazon is giving away free copies of...

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