Harley Quinn gets her own Invicta watch designed by Amanda Conner!

We’ve got some exciting news to announce.  The talented Amanda Conner is teaming up with the Invicta Watch company to help Harley Quinn help keep track of your time!  That’s right, debuting at the New York City Comic Con, Invicta will be unleashing an amazing product.


This artist edition watch was designed with Amanda Conner hand in hand with Invicta to showcase how fun and beautiful Harley Quinn can be.  From the image face, the wrist band right down to the box and packaging, Amanda poured her focus into making this a truly special item.

NYCC - Social Media post graphic__ - Harley with Harley watch - Facebook template

You can see this item launch at the convention at Invicta booth (#444) at the Jacob Javits Center during the convention.  As an added bonus, both Amanda and Jimmy Palmiotti will be doing exclusive signings (along with Jim Lee and Tim Townsend) during the convention for limited edition watch posters at the booth.  Any watch you purchase, the team will proudly sign that for you!

NYCC - Artists Signing Schedule - 2018

More information and press regarding the announcement can be found below:



We hope to see you at the NYCC for this great Harley Quinn watch by Amanda Conner!


The hit title RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray has started film production on the title in Toronto and will run through September.  The upcoming file is written by the film star, Jay Baruchel and Jesse Chabot and Jay will also serve as director on the title.  RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE will be a road-trip horror feature staring Jesse Williams,  Jordana Brewster, Niamh Wilson and more.


Filming on the set started this week and several media outlets have picked up the press on the project.  You can read more about this from the links below:




The film is produced by Elevation Pictures and Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti will serve as Executive Producers on the film.  The title is currently out of print, however we have digital copies of the book available directly from us on our website store!  Purchase your digital copy here and get in on the fun early!

PaperFilms partners with Wicked Critter for amazing enamel pin offers!

PaperFilmshas partnered with Wicked Critter to offer some amazing Enamel Pins of some of your favorite PaperFilms properties. From various Painkiller Jane pins to The Pro logo and character art, these enamel pins are amazing quality and design! We’ve got some great examples for you to see however you can head on over to the Wicked Critter website and pick up some individual or full sets. Artwork is all based off or designed by our own Amanda Conner!

These pins debuted at the massive San Diego Comic Con and were an immediate hit.  Now is your chance to grab them while they last (we have some great signed and numbered limited options) and proudly display your love of all things PaperFilms!

Some of the full sets come with our autograph and are limited to only 50 sets so be sure to check those out!

Head on over to the Wicked Critter website now Shop Wicked Critter Now

2018 Convention Schedule


We’re excited to announce the 2018 Convention Schedule for Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.  After an incredibly busy 2017 schedule (and previous years), the team will be limiting their appearances this year.  In order to ensure we give everyone an opportunity to plan, below is the list of conventions the team will be appearing at this year.

Calgary Comic and Expo
APRIL 26 – 29, 2018

Megacon Orlando
MAY 24 – 27, 2018

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
JUNE 29 – JULY 1, 2018

San Diego Comic Con
JULY 18 – 22, 2018

Boston Comic Con
AUGUST 10-12 2018

Amazing Comic Con Aloha
AUGUST 24 – 26, 2018

PaperFilms participates in The Humble Bundle Indie Comics offer

Hey everyone!  Do you like comics?  Do you like helping others for charity?  Do you want to feel good with all the crazy going on lately?  If the answer is YES to all of those items, the PaperFilms team encourages you to head on over to the Humble Bundle website where you can participate and pick up some great indie comics, inclusive of some PaperFilms titles and support some great charities at the same time!

We’ve proudly offered digital copies of:  Painkiller Jane, Monolith, Creator Owned Heroes for the team to include in their offers.  This is a great way to read some incredible comics while supporting some great causes.

Head on over to their website and check it out!!  We know they, and ourselves, appreciate all the support and kindness you give!

New limited edition products are now available during store sale!

Hey folks!  Quick update.  Just in time for the holiday rush, the PaperFilms team has updated our store catalog with some unique items that we only had presented at conventions.  We brought back some of the limited items and enabled the remaining quantity for all of our website store browsers!

We’ve got some unique and rare items added:

  • THE PRO Metal Cover – 1st Print (Only 50 made) signed copies
  • Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary issues (with Amanda Conner and Jim Lee covers)
  • The Pro socks
  • Harley Quinn Metal prints (signed)
  • Restock of some previously sold out Amanda Conner 11 x 17 prints

Take a gander at these amazing items below:

And shop now till the end of the year (12/31/2017) and use code XMAS to receive 20% off all items.  Anyone ordering $40 or more in product will receive free items included in your purchase1  From signed books, mini prints, buttons, you never know.  We’re doing our best to give back.  So head on over to the PaperFilms Store and check out all of the new items and other exclusives directly from us!


We hope you have a wonderful month and truly appreciate all of your amazing and tremendous dediction.  Look out for us in 2018, we’ve got plenty of plans moving forward with all of your backing and support!!!

Dynamic Comic Displays

We’ve got great news for everyone!  We’ve recently met with the amazing team at Dynamic Comic Displays and have worked with them on creating some inventive ways for everyone to display their comic collection.  We know lots of people get signed books and collections and struggle to find a good way to show off their books to their friends in an attractive and meaningful way.  Well, that’s exactly what Dynamic Comic Displays allows you to do.

By creating an inventive and safe solution, you can display your books on the walls of your home, office, hallway and more!  Check out some of these great ideas they have come up with:

And we’re working with them to allow you as a fan to bundle our signed items together!  That’s right, we’ve got the frames in our house as well.  We wouldn’t do this if we weren’t fans of them already.  So head on over to their website (Dynamic Comic Displays) and check out their options!  We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Spring convention schedule, projects and website sale!

Yes, yes, it is spring time.  When the cold days are winding down, the snow is supposed to be leaving and the hot temps are kicking back in and the short shorts are getting broken out.  Well, maybe just for Jimmy on the short shorts but you know….he is a fan of them.  Meanwhile, that’s not the only thing kicking back in.  That’s right, the comic convention season is kicking into gear and the PaperFilms team has a heavy workload the first part of the year.  We will be limited on our appearances this year so we are hoping to participate in a show you can attend.  Below is a list for the team through May 2017 where you might be able to catch the team.


Planet ComicCon in Kansas City  [April 28th – April 30th]:

Appearing for PaperFilms is:  Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri

More info at:  http://planetcomicon.com/

Mexico City (FCBD) [May 5th – May 7th]:

Appearing for PaperFilms is:  Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

Details to be announced later.

MegaCon Orlando [May 25th – May 28th]:

Appearing for PaperFilms is:  Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Mounts and Frank Tieri

More info at:  http://megaconorlando.com/

Projects, projects and more projects!

Have you been keeping up on the latest in Harley Quinn entertainment?  Hopefully you are, however if you aren’t, Harley Quinn 17 is a great jumping on point.  This arc not only features amazing art by John Timms, this also starts including new Harley Quinn stories co-written by Harley’s co-creator himself, Paul Dini.  That’s right, Jimmy and Amanda worked hard to tie Paul down and jam a keyboard in front of him to craft some wonderful stories with Jimmy.  These are pure fun and you need to pick them up.  Head to your local store and snag some copies.


Website sale you say!

Hey, I can’t make a convention.  Where can I get signed items from the team?  Who do you people think you are?  Well, the answer to all those conventions are (in no particular order):  Here.  Sorry we can’t make them all.  Frank told us never to leave witnesses.

We know we can’t make all the locations for conventions given all the current projects we have going on (and some amazing upcoming projects we can’t talk about yet, so we try our best to put as much as we can online for everyone for options.  And just to show you we aren’t trying to cheat anyone, we are putting a 25% store wide sale on right now.  That’s right, simply enter:  CONVENTION at checkout and get 25% off your order (shipping not discounted).  That’s right, 25% off.  Jimmy is crazy like that, he’s just giving money away! 🙂  No, really….not giving money away since you know, Amanda could tar and feather him for that….but she will let him give discounts just to get things out of the office.

So head on over to the store https://paperfilms.com/shop/.  Save 25% on all items.  We’ve got some extra Harley Quinn signed trades and hardcovers, some Amanda Conner mini-print sets, copies of the newly optioned Pro graphic novel and of course, all of our signed Kickstarter trades available. We love sharing these things with you.  Not only do we help get you the items you are looking for, it does help fund new projects folks.  We really do re-invest in ourselves to give you more great options for the future.  So please, give us a try.  Hopefully you find some items you’re willing to support us on!


Can’t thank everyone enough!

The entire PaperFilms team


The Pro and Paramount Pictures team up!

We’ve got some wonderful and exciting news to share!  One of our all time favorite properties, The Pro, by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis has been optioned for the big screen!  That’s right, the raunchy and hilarious story of a super hero prostitute will be made into a movie courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

The official press release can be found here:


To celebrate the wonderful news, we have put all of the PaperFilms movie related titles on sale from now (3/17/2017) through the end of the month (3/31/2017).  That’s right, enjoy a massive up to 50% off all PaperFilms movie properties.  From The Pro to The Monolith to Random Acts of Violence to of course, Painkiller Jane.  The sale applies to prints, digital downloads and both signed and unsigned copies of books!  That’s right, all on sale.

So head on over to the PaperFilms store (https://paperfilms.com/shop/) and check out the wonderful deals!  We’re so excited that we get to share this great news with you!

As always, the entire PaperFilms team appreciates your total support in all our projects.  Your dedication and loyalty to all we do humbles us each and every day.  You truly are the greatest fans!


Painkiller Jane statue, Justin Gray Kickstarter and much more

Wow, it has been a thrilling week for the entire PaperFilms team!  We’ve got several announcements that came out this week, so we wanted to share the great news with all of our fans.

First, we have partnered with Phicen Limited and Executive Replicas to create an incredible Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada creation: Painkiller Jane 1/6 statue based on the amazing artwork of Amanda Conner. The detail on this statue is amazing.  It has gone through several sessions with the team to craft the final version.  She’s exactly what we envisioned this character to be.  We hope you agree, this is truly a special result!  Here are some images of the statue:

The 1/6th statue will come with:

Packing List:
-Head sculpt
-Phicen New female seamless body with stainless steel armature
-3 Pairs of interchangeable hands
-Tank top
-Battle shorts
-Pair x glasses
-Belt w/ 2 holsters for .45 pistols & w/ dagger sheath
-Pair of bracelets with rivet decoration
-Pair of bracelets with beads
-2 .45 pistol
-Double-barreled shotgun
-Bikini top w/ skull patterns
-Bikini bottom w/ skull pattern
-Pair of trousers
-Faux leather trench coat
-4 Long pieces of bandage
-2 Adhesive bandage of strip shape
-2 Adhesive bandage of cross shape
-Pair of boots
-4 Color packaging
Shipping Weight: 3.50 pounds

It is a beauty for sure.  If you are interested in ordering, there is one store that is listing this already:  http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=PHC10104&mode=retail)

Next, our very own Justin Gray has launched a new Kickstarter for his project Jail Bait & Trailer Trash!  This is a 64 page graphic novel in the theme and approach of our previous Sex and Violence projects.


SUBURBAN INFIDELS is a darkly humorous tale of a middle-aged son taking custody of his estranged mother’s remains and coming to grips with her mental illness and the darkness of their shared past.

In AN OBSCURE AND VANISHING TRIBE, a racist & misogynistic alcoholic named Ben tries to play cupid to a Korean American bartender in love with his African American co-worker.

The titular story, JAIL BAIT & TRAILER TRASH is a high octane teenage lesbian, spaghetti western set in the modern world.

You can back this project on Kickstarter at:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jvgray/jail-bait-and-trailer-trash-a-mature-comic-book-gr

To add to the above thrilling news, our own Frank Tieri is launching a captivating new series from Aftershock Comics entitled Pestilence with Oleg Okunev on art.  This mini-series is scheduled to launch in May, the series revisits the Black Death epidemic from the 14th century and postulates that it was the first zombie infestation.


Frank has a great article on the book at Newsarama:  http://www.newsarama.com/33294-was-the-black-death-a-zombie-plague-frank-tieri-asks-that-in-pestilence.html

Finally, we’ve restocked some of the items in our PaperFilms store and have added some cool new Amanda Conner Harley Quinn mini-prints (seen below).  So be sure to head on over to the website store and check out the new items:  https://paperfilms.com/shop/

We truly appreciate all of your wonderful support for the team and their projects.  We hope you continue to follow with us as we charter through these new endeavors!