PaperFilms worked in collaboration with Adaptive Studios starting with their successful Kickstarter campaign of ABBADON.  This graphic novel adaption of a screenplay by Spencer Marstiller, introduced an unconventional Western set in a town where illicit sex, gambling and even murder are legal under the right conditions.  The story art gorgeously illustrated by FABRIZIO FIORENTINO, whom we collaborated with on ALL STAR WESTERN and this is complimented by the lush digital painting of ALESSIA NOCERA. Also featured is a dynamic and beautiful cover by award winning illustrator TIM BRADSTREET, with special reward categories featuring a special limited edition mystery cover by multiple Eisner and Shuster Award winner DARWYN COOKE and another special cover by award winning and fan favorite artist AMANDA CONNER. We are happy to also announce our new partnership with the awesome crew at ADAPTIVE STUDIOS.

Future collaborations are planned in conjunction with Adaptive Studios.