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Jimmy Palmiotti is a multi-award winning comic book creator with a wide range of experience and background in advertising, production, editorial, film writing, production, media presentation and video game development. Just a few of his clients include Nike, Disney, Warner Brothers, Lion’s Gate, Fox, and New Line, 2KGames and THQ Nordic.

Co-founder of such companies as Event Comics, Black Bull Media, Marvel Knights and the current PaperFilms, where he is partners with Amanda Conner, Justin Gray, Frank Tieri and Paul Mounts.

 Created and co-created numerous series and characters including: The Big Con Job, The New West, The Monolith, 21 Down, The Resistance, The Pro, Gatecrasher, Beautiful Killer, Ash, Cloudburst, Trigger Girl 6, Thrill Seeker, Queen Crab, Weapon of God, Sex and Violence, Denver, Hype, Abbadon, Retrovirus, Creator Owned Heroes and Painkiller Jane, which was turned into a Syfy original TV series starring Kristanna Loken and recently optioned for the movie screen.

With PaperFilms co-founder Amanda Conner, they are currently working on the highly received Harley Quinn series and other Harley Quinn related titles for DC Comics, in addition to several upcoming DC related projects. Garnering national attention and sales results, the team continues to receive accolades for their work on these titles.  The new relaunch of Harley Quinn for DC in the Rebirth line garnered an estimated 250,000 copies ordered.

 He has co-written with Justin Gray, the DC comic book series Jonah Hex, All-Star Western, GI Combat, Star Spangled War Stories, Power Girl and the digital release Ame-Comi Girls, available at Comixology.com.  The pair have worked on the video games Injustice: Gods Among Us for NeatherRealm Studios and DCU vs. Mortal Kombat.  At Marvel, Jimmy teamed with Joe Quesada to create the Marvel Knights imprint and usher in a radical change at Marvel Comics still felt to this day.  He and Justin Gray were tapped to adapt the award winning novel Wool for an Amazon exclusive digital graphic novel series.

 He has several creations currently in film development:  Just A Pilgrim, The New West, Random Acts of Violence, Monolith, Back To Brooklyn, Tempest and Painkiller Jane [starring and produced by Jessica Chastain for Freckle Films Production].



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Got my reading ahead of me. These are amazing titles from @tkopresents that you should ask your retailer about! ...

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Amanda hamming it up with Harley at @nccomicon ! @thedcuniverse @dccomics @dcnewsfeed @dc_collectibles @amandaconnerart #harleyquinn ...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the amazing @amandaconnerart and @paulmounts stunning Shi: Return of the Warrior @kickstarter @indiegogo variant cover! Campaign launches in SEVEN DAYS! @crowdfundingcomics #crusadecomics #shi #shirotw #coverart #comics THANK YOU #amandaconner #paulmounts

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It always feels like Christmas morning when I get new comics ... Thanks @paperfilms1 team for another awesome project #kickstarter #paperfilms #amandaconner #jimmypalmiotti #indycomics

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Got the first Kickstarter I ever backed in the mail today.
Thank you @jimmypalmiotti @amandaconnerart and the rest of the team and of course @paperfilms1
Looking forward to reading this.

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Amanda’s parents doll up their house every year for Halloween ...

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This came out a few years back and sold next to no copies. Gonna repackage and add more pages and release in a different format in 2020 ...

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Sweet. Another backer for their book! #Repost @ylabat with @get_repost
Shoutout to @jimmypalmiotti @amandaconnerart @paperfilms1 Got my copy. Congratulations and much love!

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So, my town plants trees and adds this label to explain to those not living trees the worth of each and every tree and how it helps the world around them. ...

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Amanda had a rough Halloween weekend but you should see the other guy. Hint: the other guy is me. ...

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Eating with my friends is like sharing a meal with a bunch of wild immature animals and I wouldn’t want it any other way. #lifegoals ...

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Fall colors . Ready for a one day Con tomorrow in Nashua. New Hampshire ...

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And this is just the rough! The final cover blew us away! Thank you, @amandaconnerart! SHI: Return of the Warrior launches in a few weeks via @crowdfundingcomics! #kickstarter #indiegogo #shi #shicomics #crowdfunding #shisback! #comics @jimmypalmiotti @billy_tucci

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We are working our way through 1000 books and packages for the #PainkillerJane Kickstarter. Thanks for all the backers hanging in there and supporting @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti Truly appreciated!! ...

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This is exactly how we see our little #harleyquinn by @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti from @dccomics ...

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#harleyquinn pop up art exhibit at Hudson Yards. We will be on site tomorrow. Showcasing @amandaconnerart original art and designs and much more! Both @amandaconnerart and @jimmypalmiotti will be on hand! @dccomics

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Amanda and I will be off site at the Harley Quinn gallery show Thursday and Friday only. We will not be at the actual convention, but these pins will be. Not sure how to get them yet, but I love them. Just wait till you guys see the animated series. It’s spectacular on so many levels. More coming soon. #harleyquinn @dccomics @amandaconnerart

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@amandaconnerart amazing artwork as usual.

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Sneak peak at the exclusive print option of the @cincinnaticomicexpo for the @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti experience package! Check out the website for these options. Image by @amandaconnerart @paulmounts ...

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She’s back!

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That time #God and #Satan got #coffee.
Art by @amandaconnerart and @paulmounts.
#SecondComing #ExpectMore

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A great design by @johnjhill #Repost @johnjhill with @get_repost
So much awesome art up for sale from @amandaconnerart, @jimmypalmiotti and others at the @paperfilms1 website!! #comics #comicbooks #amandaconner #jimmypalmiotti #harleyquinn #dccomics #marvelcomics

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Did someone say they loved the #PowerGirl art by @amandaconnerart during her run with @jimmypalmiotti ? Well we’ve got some of the fantastic covers by her now for sale on our website! This is a rare chance to pick up these highly requested covers and support the team directly. Check out the website store! Link in profile! #originalart #comicbooks ...

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Who doesn’t love this cover by @amandaconnerart @paulmounts for @marvel and #Gwenpool ? Check out the fun! ...

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Women of #marvel panel ! @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti

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Trouble! @jimlee @toddmcfarlane @amandaconnerart #frankmiller

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Did you miss the exciting announcement that @amandaconnerart @paulmounts teamed up with @ingridmichaelson to provide the artwork for her amazing “Jealous” video? Follow our team from our website and newsletter to learn more! @jimmypalmiotti ...

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Making a few of these #vampirella Tarot Card decks, signed by @amandaconnerart available on our website store. Check our bio for our store links. Your support means a ton. Just listed lots of books, variant covers and more signed items by @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti available! #variantcovers #comicbooks #originalart ...

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Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #3 with amazing cover by @amandaconnerart @sinccolor Just eye candy for all!! @jimmypalmiotti ...

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Always good running into these two wonderful, talented, hilarious partners in crime @jimmypalmiotti and @amandaconnerart at @wasummercon! Give em both a follow and prepare to be delighted 😍

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Great day at Comic con Revolution in Chicago! @amandaconnerart @comicconrevolutionchicago

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Hey! If all you comic-loving Chicagoans come to Comic Con Revolution at Rosemont this weekend, you can finish a fun day with a giant beer at Hofbräuhaus! @jimmypalmiotti @amandaconnerart @comicconrevolutionchicago @paulmounts

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Yes. This is an entire section of a retail store of candy and stuff in @warnerbrosentertainment world in Abu Dhabi dedicated to Harley Quinn. Check my buddy @jimlee to see his video of this amazing place and see @amandaconnerart Harley come to life in a stage show. Very cool and exciting .#harleyquinn #dccomics #candy

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Painkiller Jane vs Darkness cover painting by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.
The comic is by Garth Ennis @amandaconnerart and @jimmypalmiotti -
#comicbooks #comicbook #cover #coverart #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #illustration #painting #traditionalart #darkness #painkillerjane

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So proud of my girl. XWell deserved as @amandarantsalot recognized with JOE KUBERT DISTINGUISHED STORYTELLER AWARD shar.es/a0pM2A via @Newsarama @jpalmiotti @adamkubert @thekubertschool @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti

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#Repost @jimmypalmiotti with @get_repost
Flipping through the portfolios @amandaconnerart

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Join the team of @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti @paulmounts today for #fcbd2019 #fcbd at @emeraldcitycomics from 5pm to 7pm. Get your stuff signed. Meet the team. Let us thank you!! #comicbooks ...

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This means everything to us when young fans show us their cover artwork and share their talents. This. Is. Comics folks! Hope to see more for the last day of @awesomecons at A15 and A16 for @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti ...

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Having a great time meeting the fans at @awesomecon in Washington DC. See @amandaconnerart @jimmypalmiotti at A15 and A16 today and tomorrow! ...

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Such an incredible post by one of the great guys folks. Give him a follow. Posted @withrepost • @johnbroglia Just backed one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite people on the planet. Head over to @kickstarter for the latest chapter of #painkillerjane by @jimmypalmiotti and @paperfilms1 #kickstarter #crowdfunding #creatorowned #comics #fanart #sketch ...

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Posted @withrepost • @jimmypalmiotti Jane is back. Check out the new kickstarter! Link in bio to support @jimmypalmiotti @amandaconnerart @johnjhill ...

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Amanda costume #harleyquinn Holiday ornament available now at #hallmark. Thanks @dccomics ...

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Remember the show #Powerless? Well this is from one of the episodes. How cool is that? ...

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Who ever thought in a million years our influence on a character would blow up into a world wide sensation? Not us. So happy to see this happening! @amandaconnerart #harleyquinn @dccomics @warnerbrosentertainment @luckychapentertainment @margotrobbie @birdsofprey ...

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I have no idea why I look like I am in pain. I guess I was making my Clint Eastwood face. ...

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@amandaconnerart does not need this, but why not. Thanks for spoiling my girl @thedcuniverse ...

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Love talking to the fans about past and future work. @thedcuniverse @dccomics @warnerbrosentertainment ...

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This comic company has proven so many times to treat the creators with respect in every stage of the process and understands how important our ideas are and how to translate them to other media. I wish I got the same respect everywhere else, but sadly all the rest fall short. @thedcuniverse @dc_collectibles @dccomics @amandaconnerart @jimlee @dcdandidio #harleyquinn @birdsofprey ...

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The crew at @thedcuniverse were amazing. They are the best at what they do. So cool to hang with them. ...

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Walt Simonson and @billsienkiewiczart at the Society of Illustrators last night. Two lovely and talented men that I am lucky enough to consider friends. ...

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@amandaconnerart environmental scenes for the new #harleyquinn Animated series coming November 29 to @thedcuniverse ...

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Posted @withrepost • @billy_tucci Join hosts @NileScala Scala & @BillyTucci @YouTube LIVE with special guest @jpalmiotti tonight at 9:00 PM EDT with his HUGE @kickstarter announcement! Please subscribe! @CrowdFundComix @paperfilms1 @crusadecomics youtube.com/channel/UC8CYz… ...

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