Ambush Bug Year None #3 Cover


Ambush Bug Year None #3 Cover (Conner signed)

This artwork will come signed by Amanda Conner


  • Signed by Amanda Conner
  • Artwork size: 10″ x 15″

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Ambush Bug Year None #3 Cover

Darkseid makes a list and checks it twice! Plus, a shotgun wedding, alternate universes, more OMACs than you can shake a stick at and the very important return of Super-Turtle all wait for you in this all-new, all-ridiculous third issue.  That’s right, this is your chance to own the cover to Ambush Bug: Year None #3 and this is your chance to have the original art.

Artwork size:  10″ x 15″

Like all other items, Amanda is limited on releasing her artwork and this is a great chance to own her art!

This art comes hand signed by Amanda Conner