GateCrasher: Ring of Fire TPB **Signed**


GateCrasher: Ring of Fire TPB **Signed

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Unbeknownst to the human race, a great and terrible evil threatens to engulf the earth. College freshman Alec Wagner is the “Gatecrasher,” a somewhat reluctant member of a covert brigade of warriors dedicated to protecting Earth. As sole possessor of the ability to predict the opening of inter-dimensional gates, Alec assumes nearly overwhelming responsibility for his team, conducting the Split-Second Squad against alien invaders. However, battling aliens is not the only thing on Alec’s mind. While juggling college and inter-dimensional combat, Alec also has high prospects for his social life, if he could ever show up on time for a date!  (104 pages)

Collects Black Bull Media’s GATECRASHER #1-4. THIS EDITION COMES SIGNED BY JIMMY PALMIOTTI and AMANDA CONNER for $20 plus shipping.